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Sunday, December 21, 2008
@11:58 PM

hello. im too free.
I am Er Chao Yi and i am doing fine. haha. i guess i am the only 1 still desperately asking for whatever outing. lol plz do not misunderstand. i am jus toooo tooo, i emphasize, tooo bored thats all. oh well i guess its quite nice to see each other again after a year & mayb see how much people changed? haha well well whateverrr. jus crapping around. byebyE

Saturday, December 08, 2007
@1:47 PM

-hazardous- N.A.C®™ *The Emo Kiddooo* -hazardous-.blogspot.com says:
its tad kind of play board games de place lo
-hazardous- N.A.C®™ *The Emo Kiddooo* -hazardous-.blogspot.com says:
i can get super big discount
-hazardous- N.A.C®™ *The Emo Kiddooo* -hazardous-.blogspot.com says:
lidat lo
-hazardous- N.A.C®™ *The Emo Kiddooo* -hazardous-.blogspot.com says:
its at katong
-hazardous- N.A.C®™ *The Emo Kiddooo* -hazardous-.blogspot.com says:
within walking distance from marin parade

interested individuals plz leave a msg. thank u v much. lol kind suggestion frm -hazardous- ALEX.

Sunday, November 04, 2007
@11:15 PM

Yoz 06S10......

Wow...think its a long time since someone posted somethiing nice on our class blog le...thx Chaoyi for drawing that memorable pic...his credit la...after exams, ask him to name everyone in the picture...haha...from now till exam ends,lets jus guess and see....i personally think got one character super look alike as the real person...Jeslin....can find her?haha...anyway, im here to inform u guys that there will be a confirmed BBQ at ECP on 22nd Nov2007....can call me,weiliang to confirm the details...most prob we wil have a class outing in the morning an afernoon den bbq in the evening..hope it dont rain o...anywae,i have made invitation cards to all the teachers who taught us b4 in J1 and in J2...not sure who's coming yet but we'll c again...we shall look forward to tat dae cos its the end of our A levels le...Press on class...left 2 moe weeks...we will b free after tat....Gambatte...

-CM Liang-

Friday, November 02, 2007
@6:50 PM

haha random drawings.
decided to post it since the blog is dead =)
take a good look! haha identify all 28 of them if u got nth to do. ahah

Tuesday, July 24, 2007
@9:25 PM

woosh. after some time finally found the chem thingy. will try to print by tml dun worry. LOL sneak preview.

wonderful chem notes from wonderful chem teacher presented by wonderful chem rep.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
@2:42 PM

erm. last reminder.
for h1 chem students :
14th June(thu)
@ LT1

for h2 maths students under Ms Lee:
13th June (Wed)

9am- 11am
@ LT4

for h2 maths students under Mr THAm:
13th June (Wed)
9am- 11am
@ LT3

Sunday, June 10, 2007
@12:06 AM

Holy-crap i wasted 30min cuz i was super bored.. errr draft design for new blog skin lOL
( dun pin too much hope tho.. )

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